Our fairing kits have all been tested to the highest standards in the World and European Superbike and Superstock Racing. All of our kits are made in Italy with quality in mind. Most of our kits are composed of 5 pieces made with Carbon Fiber, K-Tex, Fiberglass Fabrics, or ABS (see material details bellow). We have kits availible for the Manufactures listed bellow. Select your bike to continue

Tested during 2011 by Moto2 and World

Superstock team, K-TEX will revolutionize the world of fairings.

This innovative material presents the following strenghts:

1. Weight similar to carbonfiber.

2. 40% lighter than fiberglass, about 3kg/SET 6.6 Lbs)

3. Elasticity allows a perfect fit

4. Strong and precise fit

5.Cheaper than carbonfiber

6. Repairable as fiberglass

7. Smooth and without porosity, which facilitates painting

8. Translucent color

Tested during 2011 by world superbike team This high quality product presents the following


1. Light weight about 2.8kg/sest 6.15 pounds

2. Strong and precise fit

3. Smooth and honed which facilates painting

Tested in the Italian and European superbike and superstock; this material presents the following


1. Precise, flexible and easy to install

2. Perfect fit

3. White in color, with kelvar and carbonfiber reinforcements, about 4.8 kg/set (10.6 pounds)